Liberty Taproom: Reading, PA

These were the best sticks I’ve had in PA! the mozzarella was super stringy and flavorful, and the breading was thick, but didn’t take away from the flavor of the cheese. The marinara sauce was also perfectly paired with the flavors of the stick, making it that much better. Plus, the presentation was on point. 10/10 would recommend. Beers, food and sticks were good. Definitely recommend either getting the sticks or the pretzel if you stop in! Kudos to Scott for recommending these to me!


Island pizza-Birdsboro PA

Went here for beer and pizza, but saw there were sticks on the menu so of course we had to order them! A little unimpressed, because they basically just stuck the mozarella in the fryer and let it go, but it was pretty satisfying. Scott and I averaged and gave it a 6/10. 

Wonderful staff, service, beer and pizza though!

Victory Brewing Company, Downingtown PA

Snapchat-1514861035Well, I’ve lived here for 12 years if my life and never ventured down acorn lane, but I can finally say I’ve been to Victory now! Kyle and I were surprised to find that they were 75% breading and like 15% cheese. It was especially good with the marinara, but without it tasted bland. We collectively gave it a 6.5/10. Brewskis, sliders and conversation were great though! Would definitely go back!

Red Lobster

Although Red Lobster has great food, I surprisingly wasn’t impressed with these. They were small enough to fit 12 on a tray with marinara, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing because the breading was so thin, there was more cheese to enjoy, but they didn’t stand out. Nick and I both agreed that they tasted very generic, and although they weren’t bad, we wouldn’t order them again. We gave them a 5/10. Don’t let this get you down though, because the rest of the food on the menu hits the spot. 👌

Trappe Tavern in Trappe PA

They were good bar food, but if I came here for the food, I wouldn’t order them. Not very filling and a little bland. Definitely missing something, but the bartender was cute so I guess that makes up for it. 5.5-6/10 the drinks are superb though 👌

Rio Station Restaurant in Rio Grande, NJ

OKAY. SO. Besides the fact that the service was on point (thanks Michael!!!), these were the best sticks I’ve ever had. They were HUGE (the picture doesn’t do justice) and the cheese actually made up the entirety of the stick, so the cheese to breading ratio was ON POINT. The cheese was more of a liquid-y texture and wasn’t “gross and greasy like the last ones we had”, as stated by my boyfriend’s mom. The sticks are also hand cut and hand breaded, so there’s none of that frozen tasting crap to worry about! Easily 10/10, boyfriend’s mom said it was the “best she’s ever had.”

Side note though: these guys were the coolest. It was a super cool restaurant feel, and the entrees we ordered were fantastic as well. Would definitely recommend to anyone 

The only complaint we had was that there wasn’t more!

Exeter family restaurant, Exeter PA

A good mozzarella stick was def what I needed after a stressful drive from Philly (Modern Baseball and Joyce Manor are awesome). The cheese was actually coming out of the stick, they were breaded perfectly and the marinara was on point. They were very filling though, so I would recommend eating them and then deciding if you’re still hungry after them (unless you like leftovers). Def on point though 8.5/10

Thanks to my friend Colin for recommending them to me!!

Miller’s Ale House, Springfield PA

Although our waiter was a little strange and forgot a lot of things, it was relatively good. I went with my boyfriend’s little brother’s best friend’s family and the little brother helped me judge. The breading was crispy and the cheese was SUPER STRINGY. Originally, Ryan and I gave it an 8, but the fifth mozzarella stick I had was cheeseless, bringing it down to a 7.5. would def try anything else here though. I just didn’t because a scalper ripped me off at this concert today and I have $6 to my name.

Sonic, Royersford PA

Went here with Sabrina. At first taste, it felt like true love, but after the third, it went from a nine to a seven. The breading was ok, but there was a mouthful of cheese which was good. The marinara was not marinara at all. It was more of a sauce, which complimented the sticks because it made up for what the mozzarella sticks lacked. 7/10 from Sabrina and i.